Exasperated Tumbleweed

For the record... you've never been weirder.

2 May
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adventure time, archer, being human, books, btvs, buffy, california, europe, firefly, glee, joseph gordon levitt, mixed cds, movie scores, movie soundtracks, movies, mp3s, music, nature, reading, sam witwer, sylvia plath, tea, venture brothers, zooey deschanel
I'm an introspective person, a nerd at heart, an old soul of sorts, and was born on the day of "the observer", if you follow that sort of thing, which makes sense because I prefer to survey my surroundings and take everything in before engaging. I'm an avid reader - and if you're interested in finding me on, just shoot me a message. I tend to become obsessive about television shows, but am very particular about the ones I choose to spend my time watching. I'm a major fan of all things Joss Whedon. BtVS will always hold a special place in my heart because 1) Buffy and I are the same age, 2) we're both blonde(ish), and 3) because I watched the show during my impressionable teen years and grew attached to the cast. And, yes, I realize that Buffy is just a character! I'm that not that crazy! :)

I love to listen to music constantly, and my tastes vary greatly depending on my mood. I love to exchange tracks or, even better, mixed CDs [hence my LJ name]. I'm constantly listening to new music to expand my library of mp3s.
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